"Je dis qu’il faut être voyant, se faire voyant. Le poète se fait voyant par un long, immense et raisonné dérèglement de tous les sens."

Rimbaud, Lettre à Paul Demeny (Mai 15, 1871).

How many bourgeois sophists and relativist ideologues, otherwise known as self-proclaimed critical and literary theorists (self-proclaimed because they seek to be nothing more, or less as it were, than the mimetic, excremental butt of Nietzsche’s jokes), know that Rimbaud’s famous ‘derangement of the senses’ axiom was inspired by his having born witness to the rise and fall of the Paris Commune, what Marx described/prescribed as the primeval proletarian dictatorship? The singular, Rimbaudian evaluative criteria for any critique, literary theory or poem worth its salt is simply and purely this: how may it be of service to our comrades on the barricades? Can you smash a cop’s face in with it? Or this: how does it live up to the Paris Commune; or how does it let live the Commune; or how is it the Commune? 

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Reclaim Rimbaud from the bourgeois falsifiers of his revolutionary Truth, a truth so violent and splenetic that it still bleeds from every single word he ever put to paper. Reclaim him from all those assholes who still feast on the corpse of the beat generation, who pursue nothing other than their own self-gratification and self-aggrandisement by claiming for themselves the mantle of ‘poets’ and ‘seers’. They are neither, they are not fit to lick the shit stain on his boots, in fact, they can never claim the honour of this scatology.

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